el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

We went to the pet shop today to get some kitty litter, and came home with that and a few cat toys: a bag of catnip, a little foil ball.. and a little white hamster.

(No, they don't actually get to play with that last one, but they're certainly entertained by it.)

I didn't mean to get a hamster. They had the whole setup for $20 -- albino dwarf hamster, little wire cage with a house and a built-in wheel, water bottle and food dish, "free" with a $20 donation to their cat rescue.

Cat rescue's a good cause, right? And this hamster is adorable. The problem will be keeping Toeffe from knocking the little cage off its shelf. He's mesermised, sitting next to the cage and staring all night. I've still got my black Syrian hamster in the giant Martin's cage nearby, but he's used to her. The white dwarf is new and exciting.

What shall I call him/her? Looks like it might be a her. I tried looking up astronomical names, but white dwarf stars really don't get names. Sirius B doesn't have much of a ring to it. Hmm, planetary nebulae have white dwarf stars in them.. Dumbbell? Nah.
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