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all that glitters

I need to take pictures of our tree. Every time I plug it in I'm entranced by how twinkly it is. I was doubtful about the white lights before we started, but I like the effect. The slow flowing of light along the special-effects strand is mesmerizing. We've got one more box of little ornaments my mom sent -- Woolworth's, a bit chipped and spotty, look like they were bought in the 70's. Ken thinks there's enough room on the tree to get those hung too, so maybe I'll do that tonight. The colors may be slightly different from the Target ornaments we bought, so the variety would be nice -- it's kind of hard to see our oranments except for the red ones. The blue and purple ones aren't too bright or shiny, the green ones blend in with the tree, and the silver and gold ones blend in with the garland. I'm glad Ken prefers silver to gold on garland and stars. So do I. Fake silver looks all right; fake gold looks icky.

Our tree skirt is a strange little fake-snow-cotton thing, with glitter all over it. It's amost too tiny to cover the tree base, but Moly crawls under the low branches and sleeps on it anyway. Our tree topper is a snowflake/star with little white lights.. and more glitter. Glitter, glitter, glitter. Like dog hair and ants, glitter is something that, once introduced to your living space, will never be completely eradicated. We are covered in glitter. Not a day goes by when Ken and I don't point out bits of glitter on each other's faces. And they won't come off. Not having much in the way of fingernails, I try ineffectually to brush at it; it doesn't go. I hesitate to try to pick it off because I don't want to pinch him. Maybe tape would work. I didn't think of tape before. Usually I just give up and figure it'll come off in the shower the next morning. Maybe.

I finally got some tissue paper at the bookstore yesterday so I'm ready to wrap my presents. Damn, I forgot to bring cards I was going to mail; they really are going to be late. Oh well. There's just one more thing I might stick in with one of Ken's presents to be funny, if it arrives in time. I've done a lot of shopping online lately, and amazingly enough I've been completely happy with every company I've dealt with. Outpost and Amazon I expect quality from, since they're big enough to have reputations, but the smaller ones never tried to rip me off either. Actually, Amazon's the slowest of the bunch, but even they're tolerable.

I don't know how I'd have gotten much of this stuff without the internet. For a while I thought of the net as a bit frivolous, mostly an entertainment medium; now I can't imagine living without it. Shopping isn't the only convenient thing; when Ken and I think of weird questions like 'how does post office machinery automatically know the value of a stamp' or 'what's the name of the Milwaukee airport' or 'are poinsettias really poisonous' or 'when and where is the next solar eclipse' or 'how long after cutting the bottom off a christmas tree is it safe to keep it out of water,' we find the answer online almost instantly. Sure, in the old days you could look things up in an encyclopedia, but with nowhere near this precision or up-to-dateness. I had a 1967 encyclopedia during my school years (which were mostly in the 80's).

Someone brought Krispy Kreme donuts to work today. I am not sure I understand the cult of Krispy Kreme, but they're pretty good.

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