el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

It's sunny above the low fog this morning, showing in odd little patches through the thinning clouds. It is, if I may be hokey, a decent metaphor for my condition lately. I sometimes get a little down, but it's not too hard to break out of it, given time.

Last night I got a few things done (the tree already had water, Ken emptied the dishwasher himself, I washed some clothes and found my recalled library book and tried to straighten up a little) and went to sleep by 9:30. I was exhausted at the time, but when Ken finally came to bed four hours later it was easy to wake me up. If my alarm had rung at that point, I'd have been more or less ready for the day. So wake up I did, and toss, and turn, and realize that dinner had been almost eight hours ago and I was hungry again. Finally I got up and had some crackers and checked my email. Ken, who wasn't that tired to begin with, got up and had crackers too. It was 2-something when we went back to bed and still I couldn't sleep. We got in a little bit of snuggling, which I've missed when we go to bed at such different times, and talked about Junkyard Wars and Battlebots.
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