el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

It's gorgeous today -- sunny, warm, breezy, a little muggy, a day when you could swim. July has been sneaking through the stasis of San Diego, a city where I have to be periodically reminded what season it is. Finally, I thought as I walked to lunch today, it feels a little like summer. It's one of those miraculous days when it occurs to me that the beaches here might not be completely pointless.

"My God, it's so hot," I heard a student complain.

These people just make no sense to me sometimes.

(Okay, I admit that the apartment has been really stuffy, especially overnight when we close the bedroom window, but there is no such thing as genuine heat in La Jolla. Conditions that make people here try to fry eggs on the sidewalk make normal people think, "Finally, shorts weather.")
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