el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Camping was nice. It was also hot (96 degrees during our one unfortunate encounter with a thermometer), and dry, and dusty. I like it out there. The humidity is low, so I didn't really believe it was pushing 100. It was still too hot to do any serious hiking, though. We took one walk of about two miles near the dried-up lake, and that was all. The water in our bottles was warm -- not just 'room temperature,' but positively warm. I've gotten better about drinking tepid water (I used to find it so gross as to be unconsumable), but in that heat drinking non-cold beverages seemed quite disgusting, to the point where I wasn't drinking as much as I should. We went to a little general store/restaurant for lunch after our hike, and I got a bottle of nice cold water there. Too bad there's no way to keep it cold.

Temperatures out in the mountains dipped sharply at night, more sharply than we were expecting; we could actually have used another blanket. The first night, the night of the Perseids, we slept out under the stars. We stayed up until two or three, easily, and I fought the urge to sleep even after that. We didn't actually see as many meteors as I expected, but we saw enough that it was fun. A good percentage of them were sporadics, though, and the Perseids we saw were so quick a blink would miss them. I spent a lot of time watching the Summer Triangle, and Delphinus, that section of sky I know inside out from spending my thirteenth summer doing little but stargazing. Occasionally over the years I've considered getting a tiny tattoo of Delphinus, my favorite constellation. I really don't like tattoos, so this is a strange impulse, but a little constellation outline might be neat. I suppose I'd put it on my ankle, somewhere easily hidden. But not anytime soon.

It got colder toward dawn, and I'd been sleeping awkwardly; my neck and shoulder ached as I turned over on my side. Before I could find a more comfortable position, Ken had snuggled up behind me in his sleep, and I decided I didn't want to move after all.

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