el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

My head hurts. I bonked it soundly on a low tree branch Saturday while geocaching, and it's ached ever since. Ken assures me that there is not actually a crack in my skull, but it's still annoying. It feels like I've been repeatedly smacked in the head by a hammer. Advil helps for a while, but I've been neglecting to take it often enough; if I wait till it actually hurts, it takes too long to go away. Grimacing or smiling or doing anything that causes the skin on my head to fail to remain perfectly still is painful. Right now, even remaining perfectly still is painful. There is not a great deal of padding on the top of my head.

At least we found the cache in question. Another team happened by while we were looking, and they pointed it out to us. It feels a bit like cheating to claim that as a find, but we certainly put enough searching into it. The hint was highly misleading. Turns out the damn thing was suspended on a rope high over our heads, despite a hint that mentioned 'standing over it.' Bah. It was a pretty clever hide, though.

We did a few more caches yesterday, on a nice long hike through a local canyon. We even saw a waterfall, which was surprising both because we'd had no idea it was there, and because there was still water *to* fall this late in an extremely dry summer. It was a fun day.

But now my head hurts. A lot. I am waiting for the Advil to kick in. I will not poke my head. It is no concern of mine whether or not there is a lump there. Poking hurts, as does drying my hair in the morning. I am feeling vaguely ill and I would like the pain to stop.

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