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It's raining. For those of you keeping track, it last rained here in April. Rain is a novelty. People stand in the library lobby and gaze at the rain in awe. Well, okay, people also stand in the lobby and gaze at the rain because they're waiting for it to let up, since nobody in the city owns an umbrella.

We got up early this morning and went geocaching. I was compulsively reloading the 'nearest caches' page yesterday at work, looking for something new nearby, but nothing came up. Then, at home, we got our weekly new cache notification email and.. there was a cache a mile from home. On campus. Across the street from the building where Ken works, and within sight of the library. It had appeared on the site barely an hour or two before, tops. Obviously, it was a point of pride to be first finders on that one, so we got up early and headed in. Our GPS readings were a bit jumpy, and we spent some time searching in the brush further down the hill than necessary, but finally we came back up and found the cache in the logical spot. In fact, I'd looked under a rock not a foot from the actual site on my way down the hill.

Anyway, we snagged our second 'first find.' I left some nice stuff, but the cache was pretty stuffed with its original contents and it was hard to re-pack. The canyon was hot and steamy, and for the first time I found myself writing a log entry with sweat literally dripping from my forehead. Odd, so near the ocean on a day when it had been drizzling and was mostly cloudy. It was much cooler once we got out of the canyon and back to the sidewalk.

After a couple of hours of not-working, we claimed our free lunch at Red Robin. They even gave us free drinks. There were very few cards in the fishbowl for next week's drawing, but we thought it would be unfair to throw Ken's card in again so soon (and on a trip when we weren't paying for anything). I wish I had business cards.

Moly has a cold. Toeffe was sneezy last weekend, and he's passed it on to her. The poor cat spent the entire night sneezing her head off. She's also a little hoarse, but doesn't otherwise seem ill; she was happy to see us in the morning, wanted to be petted, ate breakfast, and isn't oozing anything disgusting from anywhere that we can see. It seems strange to me that indoor cats would catch a cold; they never meet strange cats, and Ken and I haven't touched a strange cat in months either. Still, they obviously picked it up somewhere. Luckily it looks like nothing serious. Generally, I'm not big on vaccinating indoor cats, but maybe we should keep them up to date on things like distemper.

My laser printer has arrived and is at the leasing office. I'll pick it up tomorrow. I've got an inkjet already, and I don't strictly need a laser printer, but after reading a printer discussion online and a bunch of reviews it looked like a really good deal. It was a good deal even at its suggested price of $199, but when I found it at outpost for half that I couldn't resist. And it's just as well that I didn't; they're out of stock now and have reverted the price back to $199. All the places that were selling them last week seem to be running out; I suspect it was recently discontinued. As long as I can buy toner for a few years, that's fine.

I'm very sleepy. This is partially because a sneezing cat woke me repeatedly through the night, and partly because rainy days make me sleepy. I like the cool, easy-on-the-eyes grayness. It goes without saying that we could use the rain.

Of course, this had to happen less than a week after we finally got Ken's car washed, using a gift certificate I gave him last Christmas.
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