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We just got back from our five-day Wisconsin trip. There were a few pretty trees, but we were far too early to catch the peak color. The weather was mostly cooperative; the one rainy day was the day we spent driving from Madison to Milwaukee, so it wasn't a major problem. The nights were cold, but ironically I complained more about it than Ken did. We did a lot of geocaching, and the days were packed more densely than I'd anticipated -- we were rarely at a loss for things to do. I'll try to write more later -- today I'm catching up at work, and I'm still tired. Yesterday when we got home we were utterly exhausted; we'd been up since 1:30am (Ken) and 3:30am (me), at least by San Diego time. When we got home, we discovered the cable was out, and trying to get that fixed killed another three hours. By then we were hungry and exhausted, so we headed out for food; we'd originally wanted to do a normal week's grocery shopping, but by the time we'd driven halfway to Burger King we realized we'd never stay awake that long.

Ken: I'm going to get a Whopper.
Me: Hwopper.
Ken: We're tired.
Me: Yeah. Let's not grocery shop.
Ken: But we're out of milk.
Me: Why don't we just buy a cow?
Ken: Toeffe would chase it.
Me: So? What could he do if he caught it?
Ken: Drink the milk!

We made it a quick grocery run, and were home and in bed by 9:00. We woke at 7:00 this morning, and went in to work early. I'm still tired, but I'm no longer sure if it's because I've gotten too much sleep or not enough. I'm glad my weekend starts Friday. I've got a lot of geocaching logs to write, and if I can get ftp working I'll have plenty of pictures to post as well.

We were so busy on vacation that we didn't have as much family time as I'd anticipated. This was probably well enough for Ken, who doesn't know my family that well or have any major incentive to want to spend time with them, but I was getting a bit anxious when our last day in Milwaukee arrived and we hadn't actually done anything but have dinner with my parents once. So I did something to make my father happy: cleaned two big lawn bags of junk out of my old room. That stuff's been sitting there since I moved to San Diego. Some of it's been sitting there since I went to college. And I did something to make my mom happy: stayed an extra hour or so the last night and went for a walk with her rather than accompanying Ken back to the hotel after dinner. We used to go for walks a lot, and I knew she'd feel bad if I didn't spend any time alone with her at all. It was a nice walk, even exhausted as I already was from walking all day long. And when we got back home, my old cat Spanky was downstairs, and I managed to catch her for a few minutes of cuddling. She's terribly skinny -- she seriously needs treatment for her hyperthyroidism while there's still something left of her.

All in all, it was a good trip. I hope I write the details while I still remember them. Took lots of notes on the geocaches, because I knew otherwise my logs would make no sense.
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