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We found five geocaches yesterday. The first two were close to one another on the top of a scrubby hill -- my legs stung in the shower this morning from all the little scratches. We dropped off another travel bug from Wisconsin in one of the caches, and I did a lot of trading at the other. I always look forward to seeing what's in caches, but I rarely see anything I really want. Dirty McToys just aren't very interesting. Ken played a little tiny Tetris game we found in the second cache for a few minutes, but (mercifully) did not want to keep it. At the first, I took a rubber lizard (since I always take rubber lizards), a ladybug, a frog (stocking up for our future frog cache, of course) and a pack of batteries. The batteries were unusually extravagant, and I wouldn't have taken them if the eTrex hadn't been running a little too low for comfort (I didn't happen to be carrying spares). I left a glowing plastic skeleton puzzle, a spider stamper, a mini-frog, and.. something else I can't recall.

I've got a pretty large stash of cache trade items at home, even though I rarely see anything I want when we're out hunting. I sometimes get the altruistic urge to improve the cache by leaving something for nothing, but if it's a really crappy cache I'm generally too discouraged to bother. On the other hand, a poorly-stocked cache that's otherwise good (really interesting location, clever hide) is a prime candidate for improvement. It's a pity there aren't more that fit those criteria. After lunch, caches three and four fit the bill, though they were both too small for me to leave anything significant. They were in a small, quiet canyon, and the path down was in some places just a wide crevasse in beige rock. Cache #3 was cracked Gladware, tsk -- a place this nice really deserves a proper container. Still, I'd have left something nice.. if it would've fit. I did at least replace the dry cache pen.

We'd entered the canyon with less than an hour to go until sunset, and it was beginning to get cool in the shade, so we hurried on to the fourth cache. This one was very clever indeed. We knew it was going to be down a well, but even so I missed the thin black thread dangling into the shadows the first time I peered down. Once we hauled it up it proved to be a small container, with nothing I wanted to take, but that hardly matters if the hunt was fun. As we left the canyon, the light streaky clouds overhead were turning deeply pink, contrasting with the blue sky and rising gibbous moon.

Buoyed by our success, I suggested trying to do one more easy cache in the dark. From the description, it sounded pretty straightforward, and we knew there wasn't a significant hike involved, so we tried it despite not having a flashlight along. It turned out to be deep in the trees near a wall around an apartment complex, and by the time I was signing the logbook I couldn't see what I was doing. I still managed to find yet another rubber lizard, though. (The collection at home now numbers 13.)

The last cache was a block or two from the ocean, and as we walked back to the car we could see a little sunset left, with the water below eerily luminescent in the dusk. We drove down a few blocks to a little park and stopped to watch the rest of the light fade. Afterward, we went down the route of old 101 to the beach, and stopped again to watch the stars finish coming out. Alas, the water was too cold for wading, and the bioluminescent microorganisms we saw a few years back were nowhere to be found. Perhaps we should have come earlier in the year. Still, it was a nice end to a nice day, and we went home content.

Friday wasn't too bad, either; I did little besides clean the apartment, but I've been wanting to do that for ages so I can't complain. I scrubbed the bathrooms and the kitchen floor, vacuumed, and did loads of laundry. I had to throw out my mysterious and unusually healthy coral-colored plant because of a major bug infestation, alas; can you ever really de-bug a potted plant? I didn't want to take the risk, with my other nice big healthy plants nearby. I did spray the blue plants, since I saw a scattering of bugs but no major problems. Unfortunately, the spray wilts and bleaches all the current flowers on a plant, so I don't even know if they'll recover. I wouldn't mind re-planting the boxes if I have to, though; I've been wanting some pansies and stuff for December. I'm starting to like San Diego Decembers; planting pansies and walking around outdoor malls at night in a light jacket is starting to seem.. Christmasy.

I've been stressed and distressed lately, feeling at once too busy and too bored, unable to do things I wanted to get done while being forced to sit for eight hours a day with no particular tasks. I needed a weekend, and I got a good one. I feel rested, content, happy. Loved. Ken and I got in a fair amount of cuddling last night, and when I was up later in the night with a stomachache he even came looking for me. We snuggled up on the couch for a few minutes, and as it turned out that was about the time I was feeling well enough to lie back down, so we went back to bed. This morning before I left for work I watched him sleeping, curled up with Toeffe. I would have liked to stay, but I'm supposed to sit at this desk for eight hours. Only four left -- not doing too bad, so far.
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