el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

We found seven geocaches yesterday. We had more planned, but we ran out of daylight all too soon. In addition, we failed (sort of) at three attempts. Only one was a genuine not-found, the first part of a virtual multicache at the end of a half-mile long pier. It wasn't clear how the next coordinates were going to be communicated, and there were people fishing all over the place, and we were confronted with far too many potential identical hiding spots. Add jumpy GPS to the mix, and we finally gave up. At another cache, we simply couldn't find parking; it seemed to be located in a scrub-brush-and-trash patch between a few extremely busy streets, and we zipped by at 0.12 miles away more than once, but couldn't stop. At the third not-found, people were standing on the exact spot of the cache and didn't look likely to move.

But we did find seven, the last one after dark with a flashlight. Frankly, none of them were all that memorable, but I picked up a few more lizards and we got some exercise. Two of the caches were new this week, and you could tell: they'd already had five or six visitors that same morning before we got there. At one, we missed somebody by fifteen minutes. We dropped off the last of our Wisconsin travel bugs, and went to dinner at Outback, where I got my parents gift certificates for Christmas. They aren't exactly a surprise anymore, but my dad likes them and that's pretty rare. Also, we got to eat salads with tangy tomato dressing and enormous prime rib steaks, and that's not a bad way to Christmas shop.

We now have 73 finds, twelve of them from the last week or so. We could hit 100 by the end of the year. I'm running low on the mini-frogs that I like to leave everywhere...
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