el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Contents of my purse:

Wallet containing $25
Slinky Jr.
Furry Barnes & Noble mouse bookmark
Miniature 50-piece Kodak puzzle of a cat
Fabulous Las Vegas Suit keychain
Small jar of mini-frogs
Little rubber alien holding a basketball
Two dead batteries
Plastic crocodile from Subway
Rubber stamp of a spider
Rubber goldfish
Miniature Connect Four game keychain
Rubber trekking pole tip
Three pens
Advil, Immodium, gas-x, chlor-trimeton
Two free six-inch subs' worth of Subway stamps
$1.24 in change
A very shiny Indiana quarter, not part of above change
A shiny Vermont quarter, two shiny pennies and a mirror-finish nickel, ditto
A garden trowel

No, I haven't cleaned it out since geocaching Saturday.
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