el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I arrived home last night in a bad mood only to find a St. Nick's Day package from my mom. Yes, I'm 28 and she sends me a stocking. (And one for Ken, too, even though his family never celebrated St. Nick's Day and he never heard of it before.)

Poll #80347 St Nick's Day

Did your family celebrate St. Nick's Day (December 6th) when you were a kid?

Yes, we hung stockings and got little stocking things in them.
No, but I've heard of people doing that.
St. Nick? Isn't that Santa Claus? Shouldn't that be December 25th? Huh?

Even though it was four days early, I opened the box, because I have no patience whatsoever and needed cheering up anyway. My mom really should've saved herself the priority mail cost and sent it regular mail so it would have arrived on Friday if that's when she wanted me to open it. Chocolate covered cherries, a mousepad calendar, two stockings... and 65 mini-frogs. My mom sent us frogs! We leave a frog in every geocache we find, and I'm running low; I saw a source in Wisconsin but stupidly failed to buy every single frog they had in stock. After we left, I told my mom where the frogs were, just in case she happened to be in the area, but I didn't think she'd actually gone there. Frogs! I tell you, nothing says love like sending somebody 65 frogs. I am happy, and we'll be covered till our 165th cache find (which, at the rate we're going, will be in April, but we'll probably slow down and/or find a new source of frogs by then).
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