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It is 3:23 in the morning. I woke myself up sneezing. My tired mind tried to reisist, made up some scenario where my sneezing and nose-blowing were somehow relevant to finding debris of the space shuttle Columbia, but I slowly sneezed my way through all those layers of sleep anyway.

I also have a stomach ache. For the last three weeks, every Tuesday has been greeted with painful stomach cramps. It's not psychological; I like Tuesdays just fine. If nothing else, they're the day when the campus cafeteria has buffalo chicken pizza. (And I don't think that's what's making me sick, since it always starts before lunch.)

I took some allergy medicine half an hour ago, to no noticeable effect. I'm afraid to take Imodium, with my digestive tract as messed up as it already is. So I sneeze, and sneeze, and run to the bathroom, and sneeze some more. It's windy outside and I think it might be raining.
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