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I have developed a strange interest in Antarctic exploration since seeing the Shackleton movie. I found the book that had been adapted into said movie, and as it turns out that author has a book about Amundsen and Scott as well. On top of that, Tivo randomly recorded a PBS documentary on Scott the other night. Maybe this is misplaced nostalgia for winter, since dandelions are growing in San Diego while the rest of the country is digging out from under its gigantic snowstorm. In any case, I'd much rather imagine endless miles of snow and temperatures of -25F than actually experience them. I have no idea how anyone could survive for weeks and months on end outdoors in temperatures that never break zero. The one time I vividly recall being out in temperatures below -20, I was trying to cross the street, and bitterly resenting passing cars for not hurrying up and letting me cross and get into a campus building as quickly as possible.

I would like to see a bit of snow, though, I must admit. There's something about the low pink dome of sky during a nighttime snow (I can't believe I'm saying this, I who hate clouds) and the little star-shaped flakes as they land on my gloves. I might like to visit such a place, for an hour or a day, but I would certainly like to leave before reaching the slushy, unpleasant third or fourth month of it when it starts to seem like you'll never see grass again.

Oh, and thanks to this newfound fad I've discovered what "degrees of frost" means. It's how many degrees below 32F it is. I suppose I could have figured that out, but I was briefly puzzled upon reading it in a Lois McMaster Bujold book years ago and never tried to look it up.

From snow to spring frogs: I've found a bunch of frog recordings on amazon.com. Can't listen to the sound samples at work, though, to decide on one.

And Dar Williams has a new album out today. Despite the fact that she's kind of drifting away from 'folk' music per se, the title of the new album is embarrassingly, blatantly folkier-than-thou. The Beauty of the Rain. It also features many, many guest artists, which makes me worry that it's going to be pointlessly noisy, when really I was okay with the earlier, folkier albums that had titles which may have been slightly embarrassing but weren't this bad.

But I'll buy it, of course. As long as I don't have to ask for it by name.
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