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el diablo robotico

I got a letter from my dental insurance company last night. They have decided in my favor, and my obnoxious and unkind dentist of two years ago must give back all his ill-gotten gains from the defective crown he gave me. That's roughly $400 for me, and $400 for the insurance company. They'll cover my new crown at the usual rate, but that's not so great because it counts against my yearly maximum for this year (I think it should count retroactively against my yearly maximum for 2000, because that's when it should have been completed, but I guess you can't have everything). Since I'm going to have to go over my yearly max this year, it doesn't particularly matter whether they cover this crown at all. The $400, though, that matters.

I suppose it makes that bit of dental torture I went through two weeks ago worthwhile (the guy I went to two weeks ago was the independent regional consultant who was supposed to check out the crown on behalf of my insurance company. I thought he seemed largely indifferent to it, and spent way too much time painfully checking my gum pockets instead, but maybe he just didn't want to say what he thought in front of me). I thought they'd be looking for an excuse to deny me, but they didn't balk at all. Either they're really quite fair, or the dentist's offense was so egregious they had no choice. Or both. The insurance company really did put some effort into their investigation -- they had me see Regional Guy, they contacted the original (evil) dentist for his records and allowed him to have his say, *and* they looked at the records of the two dentists I've had in the interim (who both said the crown sucked). Very thorough, and done within 30 days. I am pleased. I hope this means that Evil Dentist has no choice but to give this money back, and that I'm going to get it sometime soon. Anyway, good for Delta. My faith in humanity has risen slightly.

And my mom got the scanner I ordered for her at Outpost. Yay again. I found it in a Fry's ad -- $29 for an entirely decent scanner that works with the iMac. It is, in fact, a more recent/advanced version of the scanner I myself own (and I thought that one was quite reasonable at $100!). Since Fry's is affiliated with Outpost now, and I would not actually set foot in Fry's to save my life, I hopped online and found it for the same price there. I don't need a new scanner, but I thought my mom might like it, so I ordered one for her. (They ran out almost immediately afterward.) I'd picked the cheapest option, ground shipping, and was a bit dismayed when I found out after the fact that they were using some no-name subsidiary of Airborne. They'd provided a tracking number, but I couldn't find a site where I could actually enter it and track anything. Despite my worry, the scanner was delivered a mere two days later. Now I just have to try to teach my mom to use it... long-distance. Well, I knew what I was getting into when I ordered it.

This is the second time that I've gotten in under the wire on a great closeout deal at Outpost. Last year, I got my laser printer for $99 there. I do not, generally speaking, like Outpost, but I can't deny that they've come through for me. Each time I ordered a really cheap item, they ran out immediately afterward, and their confirmation email is a bit vague ("if this item is not available, you will be informed in a separate email"), but each time they delivered.

So, next time I say things never go my way, call me a liar.
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