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el diablo robotico

Last weekend, we went out to the Wild Animal Park. The week before that, we'd picked up a moving cache -- each finder takes the cache, takes some pictures with the camera inside, and then moves the cache to another scenic spot. I thought the area around the WAP, where we've previously found some caches and done some meteor-gazing, was appropriately scenic. It's hilly/rocky/almost mountainous (that's where we climbed our almost-mountain in February). So, cache in hand, we drove out to a parking spot near where we'd been before, and hiked down a trail we hadn't yet tried (didn't want to leave it *too* close to those other caches, after all). The trail took us down into a valley and across a little stream, where we left the well-camouflaged cache tucked under the edge of a boulder. You wouldn't think black and brown camouflage would be so great, but in the shadows with fallen leaves around, it's perfect.

The spot was so nice I think we really should put a permanent cache there (the traveling cache only lasted there a day before someone else came for it). The climb back to the car was a bit exhausting, but the elevation change was under 200 feet. Really, the hardest part was the stream crossing -- there's a lot of running water from the spring rains, and the only way across was on a rather wobbly log. We both made it without getting our feet wet, but just barely.

If we do put a cache there, we'd have to return if it ever needed maintenance or was missing; we don't get out that far east very often, bu t I think we could if we had to. Almost all of the caches in the area are very difficult, on top of large hills, and it would add a bit of variety in the area to place one not quite so challenging. Of course, it'll be a while before we return to the area, so this isn't going to happen very soon, but it really is about time we placed a cache of our own. After 136 finds, we're almost obliged to.

Anyway, after placing the cache, we stopped at a place I've been wanting to see for a while:

With a sign like that, how can you resist?

So here's my new rock:

The picture doesn't really show it to best advantage -- there are many subtle and beautiful blue striations, and the sparkly little hollow spot is gorgeous. If I take a picture with a flash, the polished front face catches the glare and you lose the details of the blue rings; if I take it without flash, the rock looks dull. Anyway, I am delighted with my rock. Sometimes, like now, I'm doing something at the computer and I glance up and the rock is there and I just gaze at its sparkly blueness for a while. Everybody needs a hypno-rock.
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