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I had two teeth prepared for crowns on Tuesday (one replacement crown, one new crown). It took three shots, two hours in the chair and at least five different molds of various portions of my dental anatomy before they were satisfied. Just before letting me leave, the dental assistant told me that they'd had to work below the gumline... and cauterize my gums. Cauterize. I thought something smelled funny.

I didn't sign on for this.

Actually, the worst pain is from the damned shots. After the first one, I could still feel a poke in the gums, so he had to give me more. I don't know why it was two more, nor why despite the numbness from the first shot it felt like he was trying to shove the needle out the other side of my jaw. The first time I was in this office, the hygienist assured me that the doctor was really very good at giving shots. She lied. He sucks, and my jaw hurts like hell two days later to prove it. (This is really not very fair of me, and I'd surely have complained more if he hadn't gotten me adequately numb, but I've been in pain for two days here so I'm not disposed to be charitable.) Evil Dentist, despite his aura of evil, had a really excellent hygienist working for him. She could give me a shot, no topical anaesthetic, and I wouldn't feel a thing. She swore it wasn't talent -- it was just that my anatomy happened to be a good fit for her technique. I want her back. She should not be working for an evil dentist.

At some points in the last two days, the pain has been comparable to that I experienced after having my wisdom tooth out (in the same quadrant, in fact). I always have more pain from lower jaw procedures. Advil, if it helps at all, starts working two hours after I take it and then slowly peters out. I felt so lousy yesterday that I went home from work early. I'm tired of the raw-wound taste in my mouth, I'm tired of being unable to eat normally, I'm tired of the dull ache that creeps back out of nowhere and slowly takes over half of my head.

That reminds me, it must be time for more Advil.

Anyway, aside from all that, I am in a fine and happy mood. We found eleven geocaches last Saturday, and even though three were virtual I think it's a substantial accomplishment. (I really don't like virtual caches, and only agree grudgingly to them when we're passing so close it would be a bit silly NOT to do them.) We are now up to 149 finds, and our goal of hitting 200 by the end of June looks quite possible. We actually ran out of printouts before we ran out of enthusiasm Saturday, and went in blind on two caches after dark. We had only the loaded waypoint in the GPS -- no cache description, no hints, no logs, nothing. One of them was down by the water, and so of course was hidden in the Damn Rocks. Rocks are not easy to search. This hider was actually quite intelligent, though, and placed the cache directly in line with the left edge of a nearby bench. He also found a nice little hiding spot, tucked under a shelf of rock, that really kept the cache from being a needle-in-a-haystack search. We had to deduce all this on our own in the dark, though, so we were there a while. Partway through the search, I dropped my little LED light, and it bounced with perfect precision into a little hole between the rocks and fell far enough to be well and truly out of reach. My beloved little purple clip-on LED! I borrowed Ken's LED (trusting, isn't he) and found the cache while he was walking back to the car to get a crappy normal flashlight to replace the one I dropped. The cache was in a ziploc bag, which is the only way I spotted it -- it's black, and in the dark it was well camouflaged indeed.

The second after-dark cache was easier, but we were still hampered by the lack of good lights for both of us. I managed to find it, again with Ken's LED. The regular flashlight was all but useless. I'm seriously thinking of hitting the Sharper Image tomorrow and picking up a new light. I don't know if I'll be up for marathon caching Saturday, but I want to be prepared.

Most of the caches were newly-placed, little Altoids tins around various downtown attractions. Stick a magnet on a mint tin, and you can hide it almost anywhere. I like microcaches when they're placed intelligently -- they're good urban caches, but they're awful when they're just hidden in a bush in the woods. The cacher who hid the ones we did downtown seems to like sticking them under newspaper boxes, which is okay, but really insufficient when you're confronted with a bank of a dozen newspaper boxes and don't want to be conspicuous.

Anyway, Ken and I have 14 days off together before the end of June. We have to find 51 caches. That means we need to find between three and four caches per day. That's quite doable, though I don't think we're going to want to cache every single day we have off. Still, with another big day or two, we could get well ahead of where we need to be. I don't quite have the competitive streak Ken does when it comes to numbers -- after we hit the one year mark, I'd really like to just cache when we feel like it and find as many as we want. Still, 200 in a year is quite respectable, and we're close enough to that number that it's worth a try. Maybe when we've reached that goal we can relax for a while and actually hide one of our own...
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