el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I'm entering my rubber duckie collection at the county fair (they have a 'collections' competition, and trust me, a lot of them are lame. I'm not aspiring to win a ribbon, but I think my duckies are as good as most of the stuff there). My problem?

There are ten categories. I know my duckies are either "animal" or "other," but I'll list them all so you can get an idea what the categories are like.

  • Antique collectibles
  • Collections, animals (here's the problem -- I'm not just collecting "duck stuff," I'm specifically collecting rubber duckies. they must be rubber, they must float in the tub. no duckie candles, no duck lunchboxes, just actual ducks. so is this still the proper category? I wish I'd checked to see what the My Little Pony collection was under last year...)
  • Collections, dolls, other than antiques
  • Collections, famous faces (celebrities, cartoons, presidents, etc)
  • Collections, housewares (spoons, cups, etc)
  • Collections, personal items (purses, hats, jewelry, etc)
  • Memorabilia, historical items, photos, etc
  • Sports related (equipment, memorabilia, etc)
  • Other than listed, specify item

So... vote!

Which category should I use?

Collections, animals
Other than listed, specify item
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