el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

On my way back to work from my noon dental appointment, I made a quick stop for lunch at Sbarro. Not the best pizza in the world, but sometimes I feel like it anyway.

I looked at the menu, trying to determine drink prices, but drinks weren't listed. Oh well. I ordered a slice of pizza and a medium soda. The woman took the smallest cup from the three sizes available, filled it up and set it in front of me. "Is that a medium?" I asked, confused. It was a very small drink. I was thirsty. She nodded. "Uh, how big is your small?" I asked, because I could not imagine a much smaller drink and there did not seem to be a smaller cup available anyway.

"We don't have small," she answered. "Medium, large and extra-large."

And I was supposed to know this how? "I wanted the middle size," I said apologetically. "How much more is it?"

"That's a large," she said.

"Then I want a large."

"You said medium."

"I want the middle size, whatever you call it."

She sighed, dumped my small soda into a medium-sized glass, topped it off, and deducted twenty cents off my change.
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