el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

If you read this journal, you know I don't participate in memes. I don't think I've posted a quiz result since "What Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Physics Are You?". That said...

Mars Is War


In other news: I managed to stab myself in the finger with a shed cat whisker this morning. It drew blood. My headaches are gone, and I'm feeling much more myself than I was a few days ago. No Advil for two days is a good thing. I'm working on my duck site. I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Yesterday morning I got up nearly an hour early yet still managed to forget to feed the cat or put on deodorant. I need to wash sheets. I shouldn't eat popcorn. I could still use a day off, but I think I'll make it to Friday on my own.

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