el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

This will be short because I type very badly while wearing my wrist brace. Ironically, the brace is on my right wrist, and it's got nothing to do with the dog attack. It's just a ganglion cyst that occasionally becomes problematic. I was going to have surgery on it late last year, but it spontaneously drained right when I got the referral. This weekend it suddenly became very painful, and the brace helps. So I'll go in to work tomorrow, and people will ask what's wrong with my wrist, and I can say, "Aw, nothing.. but the OTHER one got chewed on by a crazed dog!" Of course, there are only a couple of little marks on my left wrist -- I almost never bruise visibly, so even though touching my forearm hurts, it looks like nothing. There's some muscle/tendon pain when I cock it back all the way, but I'll just have to avoid doing that.

Today, we went geocaching. I didn't feel very well when I got up, and I wasn't sure I really wanted to go, but as soon as we got out and ate lunch I perked up and it turned out to be a fun afternoon. We found five caches and I left miniature rubber chickens at all of them even though I really didn't find anything I wanted. Two of the caches were just baggies -- no real container at all! That was a bit lame, but it was nice to make some quick finds after failing at one cache that was hidden in a huge rock field without any clues. GPS signal was bouncing uselessly all over the place and though we tried to look in every nook and cranny we must have missed it.

Only two work days this week till I have a couple of days off. I'll try to make up then for all the housework that went undone this weekend.

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