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Weight of stuff

I think my poison oak is gone. Finally. The poison oak I contracted on March 20th, after a year and a half of frolicking through fields of triple leaflets gloating about my immunity. Six weeks of itching later, I can tell you that almost nothing helps, except perhaps the sickly skin-toned Aveeno with oatmeal. It smells horrible and leaves your skin feeling tacky but it works. A little. For a while.

I just stabbed myself with a toothpick that had been bouncing around in my purse. God knows what might have been injected into my finger. I'm glad I'm getting my money's worth out of the tetanus shot I got at the end of 2002 -- the side-effects were horrendous, and I spent a few days regretting it, but within a couple of weeks of the shot I actually cut myself on some rusty barbed wire.

It's hot out again -- up to 92 this afternoon, if wunderground.com can be believed. It was windy, though, and we had a dew point of 36. 36! In Milwaukee, we'd call the 50's comfortable. It's a dry heat, indeed, but it was actually a relief to enter the cool, cement-walled depths of the library this morning.

I spent most of my weekend cleaning the apartment, which badly needed a vacuuming. You might not think it would take two days to vacuum a two-bedroom apartment, but I was trying to get everything out of the way first. I was mostly successful. I'm now down to an annoying little pile of stuff that has no real place. My usual reaction to the Little Pile of Stuff is to put it in a box and put the box in my closet, but I'm almost out of room in there. Hell, I'm almost out of room everywhere. I threw out a bunch of stuff in frustration, and made some extra room by moving my little three-drawer 'dresser' out of the closet and over by the sink/vanity, consolidating some boxes and putting empties in the patio closet, clearing off a shelf in the den that held games and puzzles we never play with and putting those in my newly-vacated closet space... but I'm still unhappy. I don't know if it's just that there's too much stuff, or too much of it is in boxes, or there's just nowhere FOR so much of it. The bookcases in the den are frustrating to me, because the shelves are so deep and high that my paperback books are dwarved in them. It's space, but I'm not sure it's useful space.

I also put a few things up on amazon.com; I've considered eBay, but I'm afraid nobody will bid. On Amazon, they have two months to buy your stuff. In fact, I sold my old digital camera this morning. I'm still trying to get rid of an old CD-RW drive and some books, but it's progress. What I'd really like to do is get rid of my two old computers. I'm resigned to having to recycle the iMac with the bad screen -- I want to give my mom the keyboard anyway. But I've got an old PowerMac and I'd be happier if I could find someone to give me a few bucks and take it away, rather than my having to pay for the privilege of tossing the thing. I'll have to clean the hard drive off in either case, so I'd especially like to make rather than lose money after all that work. The going price appears to be $20 if you're lucky. I bet none of the college students here are enterprising enough to take it and make it useful. When I was in college, I bought a Mac Plus with no hard drive and managed to make an 800K floppy containing system 6.0.2 and enough software to let me mud. With a little effort, I think this would be an entirely usable computer.

I'm just so sick of stuff. That, or I want more storage space so I don't feel so cramped with my little closetful of boxes. I can't decide which. I know I'm tired of obsolete computers and non-working vacuum cleaners and old shoes and clothes that don't fit and unsuitable presents. I've tried to reduce the amount of stuff in those boxes -- do I want this? do I really, really want this?. And in the end, for a lot of things, the answer is yes. Dammit. Well, the carpet looks a lot better vacuumed, and there isn't any crap lying on the floor (except in my closet, where I've piled the Little Pile of Stuff). That alone makes the place feel neater and more open. I'm going to try to do some more Tuesday, but for now, it's an improvement.
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