el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

It's macro time!

These are my patio windowboxes. It's not the best shot, but it does show that the potato vine and trailing petunia are doing nicely. The lotus vine, on the right, got pretty big, but it's stopped blooming and I let it dry out too much a few times. I should either fertilize it or toss it (it has brown spots).

Another window box, with moss roses and a few small gazania. These stayed in their little six-packs from Home Depot for too long, and I severely over-watered them. They all stopped blooming and went limp. In a last-ditch effort to save them, I put them in a window box and withheld water for a week. Apparently they liked the treatment. I've only watered them twice in three weeks now. My neighbor who has window boxes of impatiens asked me what they were. We only get morning sun, since the windows are an eastern exposure, but this time of year that's enough.

I like moss roses, especially streaky or splotchy ones. Each bloom lasts only a single day, but there are always plenty to replace the ones that die. The petals are thin and fragile, but they have a sparkly surface texture that reminds of begonia petals.

I've done plenty of closeups of gazania, so I decided to try macro mode on some of the prettier moss roses.

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