el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

From the Nobody Tells Me Anything department:

The Trashcan Sinatras are not only still together, but they've just released their first album in eight years. And they're playing in San Diego on October 10th, at the same place I saw the Chameleons.

Did I find this out through the music groups I belong to? The bulletin boards I read? I did not. I found this out because I picked up a copy of the Onion at Tower Records, and the new album happened to be reviewed. (The Onion is based in Madison, and picking up a paper copy seems like a completely normal thing to me. It's full of Madison-local coupons and ads and stuff. I had no idea that it was widely known as a website. I don't know why the local Tower carries the paper version, but I find it pleasantly nostalgic to pick up a copy once in a while. There are things in the paper version that don't translate to the web; for example, when they need to fill up a couple of columns on the inside of the paper, they put in a bunch of paragraphs of "Passersby were amazed at the unusually large amounts of blood." I don't generally find the Onion all that hilarious -- I think they're good at headlines, but they shouldn't try to follow up by actually writing the stories. Except possibly for Smoove B. And, apparently, the music reviews.)

On a side note, may I say how utterly I fail to understand cardboard CD cases? How often does one throw out a CD, that the case needs to be recyclable?
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