el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

It will surprise nobody that I am our library's Keeper of Rejected Poinsettias. Every December, we get a few plants for the circulation desk, and I take care of them through the holidays. Eventually, they migrate back to my office. The ones I had from the previous two years were looking pretty bedraggled, so I brought the worst one home when we did our big office move this summer. The other one stayed until the campus fall plant sale; then I got some nice new office plants, so I brought it home too. The older, rattier one has been on the patio, largely ignored, since August. Once or twice it's nearly died from lack of water, and it was blown over in the wind/rain storms last month, breaking off one of its main branches. I didn't even ask the person stopping by to feed the cats when we were on vacation to water the plant. I was about ready to toss it.

It is now putting out red leaves with some semblance of enthusiasm.

I wasn't even trying to balance the light/dark/temperature to get it to bloom again. The healthier plant, from 2003, isn't doing this -- I must not have taken it home early enough. I'm quite surprised that the natural conditions in San Diego were such that it did this all on its own. And yeah, I guess I'll let it live.

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