el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I finally received the Let Go of Clutter book. It's kind of annoying me. Maybe it's just that I still lack the energy to act on any of its suggestions, or that my favorite reading position (sprawled on the bed with a pillow under my chest) is too uncomfortable to sustain with all my pulled muscles. But the author is very, very fond of alliteration (you Conquer Cabinet Clutter by Clearing out, Categorizing, Contemplating and Clustering) and cutesyisms (too many magazine subscriptions? You suffer from Subscriptitis! Too many papers? It's Paperosis misplacea!). It's a little condescending.

Maybe I'll get more out of it when I'm capable of concentration -- or when I have the energy to actually get some boxes out of the closet and see what's in them. I couldn't relate to some of the things in the book, like paper or mail clutter -- but maybe that's a good thing. The less that needs to be done, the easier it will be, right?

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