el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Dear NOW,

If you want to solicit any sort of support from me, please tell me what it is you want within the first, say, TWO MINUTES of the phone call, instead of going on and on and on about how President Bush is going to ban abortion and limit our reproductive freedoms without taking a breath between sentences. I wasn't sure if you wanted money, in which case we could have quickly determined that I am rather lacking in that department, or if you just wanted me to sit and listen. But since no response or participation seemed required on my part, I eventually hung up. I realize people stay on the phone for longer if you don't give them the opportunity to say "no" to something right off the bat, but geez.

(Also, the caller was male, and I was kind of curious whether he was a volunteer or if they hire out call centers or what, but we did not get into a personal conversation.)

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