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October 28th, 2001

[Oct. 28th, 2001|05:05 pm]
We went to the cornfield maze yesterday. I did not get enough sleep the night before, and at one point when we were very lost I was so tired I sat down and refused to budge for a while, but it was fun. It was not easy; we got lost between checkpoints 4 and 5 and wandered around for a frustratingly long time, seeing the same corridors of corn over and over. Eventually you start to recognize this leaning stalk or that. Finally we found checkpoint 7 -- we never did see 5 or 6. Shortly after that we figured out that we were in some sort of wagon wheel pattern, and managed to deduce the correct direction to go; things got easier from there on. There was a little bridge near the middle of the maze, but it didn't get us up high enough to get a real sense of the pattern -- just lots of corn and lost people.

After we finally got out (which took something more than an hour and a half, I think) we got some pumpkins. They had a pumpkin patch, but the pumpkins there were mostly gross or squashed, so we chose from the nice ones sitting on hay bales nearby. We didn't carve them last night, because I wanted to assemble my underwear drawer instead (don't ask), but perhaps we will tonight. I keep forgetting, year to year, that I've always wanted to do a bat design. Perhaps this year I shall.
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