March 2nd, 2004

rat on computer - 2

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If you read this journal, you know I don't participate in memes. I don't think I've posted a quiz result since "What Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Physics Are You?". That said...

Mars Is War


In other news: I managed to stab myself in the finger with a shed cat whisker this morning. It drew blood. My headaches are gone, and I'm feeling much more myself than I was a few days ago. No Advil for two days is a good thing. I'm working on my duck site. I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Yesterday morning I got up nearly an hour early yet still managed to forget to feed the cat or put on deodorant. I need to wash sheets. I shouldn't eat popcorn. I could still use a day off, but I think I'll make it to Friday on my own.
rat on computer - 2

Something gross

I've had a lot of earwax in my right ear for a while; if I sleep wrong, it collects over my eardrum and I can't hear for a while. I've been leery of cleaning it out, because I've had terrible ear infections in the past, some of which have involved perforated eardrums. But I couldn't get in to see a doctor when it was at its worst, so I've just been living with it.

While I was sick a couple of weeks ago, my ears and sinuses got stuffed up. Right at the end of the illness, my right ear suddenly started expelling huge quantities of earwax. Dark, disgusting earwax. I used some q-tips -- carefully -- and now my ear is completely back to normal no matter how I sleep. I am profoundly happy about this.

Now, tell the truth: would you rather I'd just posted another meme instead of that little story?

Which is worse?