August 30th, 2004

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On Sunday afternoon, we went on a short geocaching trip (local canyon, two ~1 mile hikes). During that period, I saw:

  • A spiderweb suspended between two trees, across the path and above our heads like a gateway, reflecting a rainbow in the late-afternoon sun.
  • An orange-and-tan rattlesnake, which we actually passed alongside the trail without noticing because we were navigating around dog poop. Ken then saw it or heard it move or something, and we stopped to watch it uncoil and slither away up the hillside through the tall dry grass, rattling the entire way. We could hear where it was long after we couldn't see it anymore.
  • A poison oak bush so huge that I didn't realize it was actually poison oak until far too late. It was tall, and broad, and lush, and we actually looked for the cache in it. I can't believe we're so rusty that we didn't immediately recognize the leaves, but it more often grows as a vine or low groundcover around here, and this bush was really impressive. I don't recall actually touching the bush, but.... I guess we'll know in a week. We came home and showered thoroughly, skipping the potential fourth cache of the day. I wasn't carrying any ivy wipes.

Do I have pictures of any of this? I do not. Where was my camera? Sitting on my desk. Why was it there? Because I am a dork. I was carrying my purse, rather than a backpack, because the cats have been sleeping on my backpack and it's covered in fur. I had a water bottle and cache swag and all the usual necessities of life in my purse, and I thought the camera was just a little too much weight to add, and besides, I never see anything THAT interesting on the local canyon trails, and it was late in the day, so the trip would probably be short, and blah blah blah. Although I'd 99% decided not to bring the camera, I had a last impulse to reconsider while I was grabbing Kleenex. I just forgot before I made it back into the den.

So you're getting more hamster. Sucks to be you.