December 2nd, 2004

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Random update

It's been chilly lately. Barely breaking 60 during the day, down into the 40's at night. I don't think we're in danger of frost here, but there has been some not too far away. The other night, when I cleaned Stella's cage, I ripped up two paper towels for her. Every last scrap promptly disappeared into her igloo. (When I went to clean the cage and picked up the igloo, it was stuffed so full of shavings that it left an igloo-shaped lump sitting on the bottom of the cage.)

When I came in to work a few days ago, there were some "free ipod" ads on the library bulletin board. It's a bit annoying to see it used for visual spam like that. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so; by lunchtime, someone had written "popup blocker" on a piece of paper and pinned it over the offending ad.

I'm busy at work. We started processing winter reserves early, even though finals week hasn't even begun. We're losing the week between Christmas and New Year's, since the library will be closed, and timing was tight enough already. I've processed 103 courses, created their records in one of the two necessary systems, printed out all the search and recall slips for all of the requested books, recalled the 160 books that needed recalls, sent out the call for reserves to all the departments that haven't weighed in yet, checked the bookstore for the books I need to purchase (found out it's too early), and chopped up and sorted several hundred little slips of paper. It is, generally speaking, nice to be busy, although I belatedly realized we may cause some confusion for the students using the reserves lookup computer, which will bring up some Winter 2005 information now. Well, it shouldn't be too hard to clarify things.

Moly had a really spectacular sneezing fit at 5am while I was awake with a stomachache, but she does seem a little better than she was. As long as she retains her interest in eating and being petted, and isn't audibly wheezing, I think she's coming along okay.

I gave blood to the Red Cross on Tuesday, even though the Blood Bank drive tomorrow has better prizes. Just couldn't justify scheduling it when I might want to be home cleaning, or might be out Christmas shopping. The bloodmobile was so cold they were putting little portable heating packs in the crooks of everyone's arms before trying to draw blood. They were also playing country music. Other than that, everything went fine. The only couch available was one for right-arm blood drawing; I was a little apprehensive about that, but I didn't end up with so much as a bruise.

And that's all the news that's fit to print. I'm due on the desk in five minutes and I have to pee, so clearly it's time to stop typing.
rat on computer - 2

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I won the ELPH_IXUS yahoo user group's photo of the month contest. How bizarre is that? Sure, not a lot of people enter, and not a lot of people vote, but winning still isn't easy. This was the first time I actually set out to take a photo to fulfill the contest requirements ("Eggs"). I was hoping just to get at least one vote from somebody!