February 10th, 2005

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Do you know what a penny looks like? Slightly less than half get it right, according to their stats. I did, though.

In other numismatic news, there seem to be some error varieties of the Wisconsin state quarter. There's a closeup of these supposed varieties here (the person who put that jpeg up apparently knows their corn, but not their states, as they called the image "IowaLeafs.jpg"). The one on the left is the normal quarter; the others are the "high leaf" and "low leaf" varieties, respectively. The high leaf looks like an eyelash stuck on the die, which I suppose is not technically possible, but it looks as much like a random line as a leaf. The low leaf, though, really does look rather like a leaf. In both cases, the placement is awfully coincidentally perfect for an error. It's quite impossible that multiple versions of the engraving got used to strike coins, though. Perhaps the more coin-savvy can explain what the errors might represent, though the articles I've found don't offer much by way of solutions.

I still haven't seen a real Wisconsin quarter in the wild. I haven't even seen Iowa. I do a lot of cash transactions, and it shouldn't be so difficult to pick up the new quarters. The first few, back in 1999, went out of circulation fast, of course, but then as new releases piled up the state quarters became common. In the past year, this seems to have reversed itself. Apparently it's not my imagination: the 03/04 mintage numbers are comparatively low. That sucks.