April 28th, 2005

rat on computer - 2

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Is the conjugation of verbs a lost skill? Witness headlines like "Bank Robber Change Mind Mid-Felony." I wouldn't be moved to write an entry based on one possible typo, but this isn't the first one I've seen, not by a long shot. Are journalists really producing text like this? How does it get past the copy editors?

Also, why is so much content on news sites pointlessly in video form? Looking again at NBC's San Diego affiliate, do we really need to have a video clip about how a "New Web Browser Gains Ground"? Or for "Thursday's Weather Forecast"? Half the time I try to view a video clip, I haven't got the right plugin, or mine has become obsolete. It's not worth trying to keep up, and now I don't know what this spectacular new web browser is. Probably Firefox.