May 26th, 2005

rat on computer - 2

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I need a little USB port in my head, so I can download all these entries I've mentally been writing without actually having to go through the effort of pressing all these keys. I may type 90+ WPM, but I cannot seem to focus enough to actually write out anything coherent.

My dental appointment sucked, but it is over. At the beginning of my appointment, the dentist's assistant asked a few questions about how my root canal with Dr. R had gone. I got the feeling that Dr. R's report on the root canal had perhaps contained the line, "Judy is a great big wuss." Feeling rushed/attacked/hovered over really hasn't been a problem with Dr. A's office, but they seemed to leave me alone an extra long time to let the novocaine work today. Unfortunately, it wasn't particularly helpful; even with an extra dose of anaesthetic (I was numb up to my cheekbone) and an extra few minutes to let it work, I could still feel it to some extent when they poked my gums. It made the appointment a lot more difficult and stressful than usual. I wasn't in serious pain, but it was also difficult to ignore it and relax. They turned up the nitrous oxide as well, but it only helped when they weren't actively hurting me. They used some kind of rough sandpaper-like floss to adjust the contacts between the crowns, and they rubbed the corner of my mouth raw with it. I also started getting claustrophobic near the end of the appointment. Overall, not a fantastic experience. When it was over, they gave me a hot towel and a mirror so I could wipe off my face. The lighting in that office is the most unflattering in the universe, and I'd also been sweating a little. Ugh. And I have no idea how they got blood on my right cheek, when they weren't even working on that side of my mouth.

So I went home, and slept off the last of the wooziness and novocaine. Turns out the crown farthest back doesn't seem to fit quite right, but I can probably tolerate it until I feel less stressed about the idea of taking time off to get it adjusted. I have a cleaning on June 7th, and then I am taking a few months off. I know I need to deal with #29, and with my wisdom tooth, and with my last quadrant, but they can wait a little.