June 10th, 2005

rat on computer - 2

A question of style

I've never edited my journal style except for a little color customization. I've always liked it fine as it is; it's nice and clean and easy to read. Now that I've got a million user icons, though, there is one thing I'd like to change: I want the icon I used to show up in each entry (in other words, I want the entires on my journal's page to look the same way they do when I view them via my own friends page). Is it possible to customize it like that? I know NOTHING about journal styles or the editing thereof. I don't want to pick a fancy-ass new s2 style or anything like that. I just want to see which icons I used on entries, without having to view the entries individually. Anyone?

Edit: ansley fixed me up! Now I really have an incentive to use my user pics. This is going to be fun.