July 5th, 2005

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I got yet another 'please donate blood' call today. I rather regret making both blood-donation agencies active in San Diego aware of my existence. But the person who called tonight was from the Red Cross (which I like better than the Blood Bank), and the call reminded me that there's a blood drive on campus tomorrow. The lady on the phone did not have that information -- she just jogged my own memory. She was simply trying to get me to make an appointment, which I might occasionally do if there were a donation center within ten miles of here and/or accessible by public transportation.

She then said, "Did you know you're CMV negative?" Turns out that's a good thing -- it means I haven't been exposed to an extremely common virus, and because of that my blood can be given to premature babies and people with leukemia and the otherwise immuno-suppressed. I had never heard of this before. I don't quite see why it's made such a big deal of at that link I provided -- after all, if you've got a 50/50 chance of being negative, half of all blood donors are probably negative (if it's a virus that's easily transmitted and most people never know they were infected, I can't really imagine the negative status being due to anything other than random chance, so there's no reason to believe that donors are any more or less likely to be infected than the general population). Nobody ever offered me a little pin (though with my general what-is-that-alien-creature attitude toward children, it's entirely reasonable to conclude that I wouldn't want one anyway -- besides, doesn't it look like they're planning to SUCK THE BLOOD out of that infant? Maybe I do want a pin).

Anyway, my blood type (A+) isn't uncommon, but I guess this CMV thing makes me an extra-desirable donor. Well, I was overdue to donate anyway -- I've been trying to do so regularly. Perhaps this will encourage me to make more of an effort. So, much as I tend to resent these little phone calls, I have to say this one probably did them some good.