July 31st, 2005

tv is watching you

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Apparently to some people, a sandwich with "just meat and bread" means "meat, bread, and a giant heap of gloppy, oozy fried onions." (We were at Vons grocery store yesterday and I got a prime rib sandwich to bring to work for lunch today. The deli person even repeated back, in that not-entirely-politely-incredulous voice that people use when I order sandwiches plain, "Just meat?" And I said, "Yes. Uh, and the bread.") I didn't discover the onions until we got home, and I took them off right away, but onion goo had already soaked into the bread. I couldn't eat more than half the sandwich today. I don't mind a reasonable amount of onion in some foods, but that sandwich stank.

We also played mini golf yesterday. I did very well on the first nine holes -- I was two strokes ahead of Ken. We played the Old West course, which is more interesting than the Fairytale one. Unfortunately I played very badly on the second nine holes, and lost horribly. I kept hitting the ball wrong -- I'd mean to hit it hard, and I'd end up just tapping it or catching my putter on the fake grass. Then I started getting kind of dizzy, and I had to sort of drag myself through the last four or five holes. It wasn't THAT hot out, and I had plenty of water, so I don't know what my problem was. I did feel better in the air-conditioned car, and then we stopped at Vons and got ice cream (and an onion sandwich, the memory of which is now making me slightly ill).

After we got home, we watched the new Battlestar Galactica. The show is still pretty good, but the pacing feels weird. It's too early in the series for things to be as fucked-up as they are. Babylon 5's government-breakdown arc (admittedly a significantly different situation, but...) worked so well because they'd established what normality was like first, and things built up slowly in a reasonably believable way. I suppose it's unfair to look for any normality in BG -- normality was tossed out the window in the first hour of the miniseries. But I would have liked to see a little more of what the cobbled-together government was like before they blew it to bits and started arresting and shooting people right and left. I feel like I'm drowning in a too-aggressive storyline -- we've been losing track of some characters for whole episodes at a time because there is too damn much going on. I'd like things to settle down a little so we can have some more information about what the Cylons are like, what they want, if they have leadership, if the ones we're seeing are carrying out this vague Plan or rebelling against it, etc etc etc. I don't have a lot of faith that this show has been planned out in detail, or very far in advance, and that makes me leery. Think the X-Files. Think Twin Peaks. I trust this will not go as badly.

We also watched the Firefly pilot. Ken's on his third watching of the series, and he's finally insisting that I see it. I watched the horrid train-robbery episode a few years ago, and couldn't stand to stick around for any more. But after a million assertions that the show isn't really like that, I supposed I could give it another try. It was... decent. It was also very obviously a pilot, so I don't know what Fox was thinking showing the train crap first. I didn't think it was too slow at all. Maybe a little too jokey, a little too crowded, and I still cringe at the Western motifs and speech mannerisms, but overall, if this had been the one I'd seen first, I would have kept watching.

So I guess I will.