August 20th, 2005

duck - skeleton

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DuckFest was awesome. Also, I like riding trains. I'm exhausted, but I got home and took all my new ducks out (I only spent ~$20 more than I took in, so that wasn't bad at all) and set them on the bed and admired them for a while. I have a whole set of little translucent colorful smooth ducks from Taiwan (not even imported -- Charlotte actually bought them in Taiwan, and I don't think there's any U.S. source) and two out of the three Sassy polka-dot duckies and the new tattoo devil duckie and a couple of random little yellow ducks and a LARGE PEACH 4M GLOW DUCK. I've been trying to get a peach 4M duck, large or small, forever.

I may eventually take some photos that will help that paragraph make sense to everybody who is not me.

My biggest sale was a little blue standing duck that went for $21. I got it in a batch of random blue ducks from somebody in Belgium (I think). I'd bought the lot of ducks because I wanted two of the others; I didn't care for the standing one, which was a little too vintage-y for me. I sold several other ducks for $8 apiece. Not bad. There were many, many, many ducks for sale, but I restrained myself. Although a part of me thinks I really should've gotten that little soft vinyl pedestal duck...