October 7th, 2005


(no subject)

I am awake, and have been since 5am. I am awake not because of the excruciating pain of my wisdom teeth -- I am simply awake because I have had too damned much sleep. My ex-teeth do not hurt at all right now. I have had another bowl of macaroni, iced my cheek a couple of times, taken some advil for the anti-inflammatory effect, taken my 6am antibiotic, and carefully brushed most of my teeth (which makes me feel IMMENSELY better -- the taste in my mouth was horrible). Aside from a bit of jaw soreness when I opened my mouth to brush, still no pain. This can't continue -- it's probably just feeling good because I was lying still for so long -- but damn, it's nice.

Now I just wish I could sleep some more, because being awake is boring. Typing with one hand because I'm holding an ice pack to my cheek with the other is tedious. Not sleeping on my left side is annoying (but Ken let me swap sides on the bed, so I can still sleep facing outward, with my left cheek up). It's nice to have petty complaints 24 hours after wisdom tooth extractions.

I go stir crazy very easily. Being housebound is not easy for me. If I don't so much as go downstairs to pick up the mail (I didn't yesterday), you can tell I'm really feeling bad. (Ken got the mail. Nothing for me but junk catalogs, bah.)

You guys don't post enough. I apparently missed my mom online by five minutes, but I don't feel like calling and talking on the phone.