November 3rd, 2005

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Still alive and jurying. I feel strangely disconnected from my usual life, with my routine turned upside down and an unpredictable schedule every day. Ken is taking care of things like looking for movers and talking to the townhouse's owner and getting the lease. Even though I am not allowed to think about the case outside of court hours -- and I seriously make a good-faith effort to obey that command, distracting myself with other topics whenever it comes to mind -- I still seem to have little energy or concentration available for anything else, either. I'm doing a load of laundry tonight, my big project for the day, because I'm out of socks. I've been dressing up, or what passes for dressing up with me, which means I am not wearing jeans. I actually wore a non-T-shirt today. The sneakers are non-negotiable, however.

Part of me would like to work on Wisconsin pictures while I still have some memory of the trip, but I'm kinda too tired.