November 9th, 2005

ruby - washing

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The biggest problem with the duck calendar project has been image size. More people than I thought are still working with ancient 2.1MP cameras. I got a couple of people to re-take photos, and one to make a collage, but I've just now realized that the very first photo I received a month ago is too small. It's a lovely photo, but it's got about half the necessary pixels. It definitely can't be retaken, and I'd be embarrassed to ask after this long a time lag anyway.

I'm an amateur at Photoshop Elements; within a narrow range of processes, I can improve the appearance of a picture, but there's plenty I don't know how to do as well. And so I ask unto you: can anyone comment on the possibility of increasing the size of a photo without turning it into pixelated hell? Is there some sort of smoothing I can do afterward that will make it print out better? Is there some magic percentage to which I can increase the size without significant drawbacks? It's possible that I could increase the size a moderate amount and then simply add a solid frame/backdrop around the photo that will fill in the rest of the 8.5x11 space. I just really want to use this photo, but I don't want it to look embarrassing.

For example, this site claims that if you repeatedly blow up the picture up by 10%, you will get acceptable results. True? BS?