November 11th, 2005


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Today I went to the mall, only to discover that apparently November 11th is actually the start of the Christmas shopping season. It was mobbed. I didn't think that many people even got Veterans' Day off. I ate lunch there and came home. Shouldn't be shopping anyway, with the move in ten days.

We also packed a bit of stuff today. It was dusty stuff, so I had a huge allergy attack. I took some Benadryl, which didn't help, and so after a reasonable interval I got out the big guns and took some Contac Cold and Flu. I am awake only because I am making a valiant effort to remain so.

Today I was a tiny bit crampy and a little... I don't know how to explain it, less flexible than usual? Slightly bloated? Nothing to write home about. The Tylenol component of the Contac seems to have helped.

Last night, I slept shallowly and so I remember some of my strange dreams. One of them was like a tour of my bookcase. I dreamt I was re-reading Pamela Dean's Juniper, Gentian and Rosemary but its ending was different. Finally, I found the ending in an entirely different place, in a collection of short stories, but it wasn't exactly the same. (How very Fire and Hemlock.) Flipping through J, G and R again, I realized it was really a new Kit&Nita book by Diane Duane. It involved the protagonists riding alien space insects that lived on solar power. (Diane Duane would not actually write the stuff I was reading in my dream, though it does slightly recall Clare Bell's People of the Sky, also in my bookcase.) I woke up before any more of my books could cross-breed.

I took my tragus rings out yesterday, after 10-11 years. I used to be really crazy about them -- the tragus is my favorite piercing. Lately, though, they've just felt less... relevant. Over the past few years I've idly considered removing them, but I was afraid that they'd leave lage holes, being 14 gauge piercings. The truth is that one hole is a noticeable dimple, but the other is smaller and almost disappears. They're certainly less noticeable than the jewelry was. If I changed my mind about this, I'd probably want to go to a piercer and get new jewelry -- these rings have been in since 1998, and they were a little worse for wear. I also had to twist them significantly to get them out. Having them replaced doesn't really seem worth the bother, when I'm so ambivalent about them. Ken said he doesn't care one way or the other. My ears feel strange without the familiar rings in them, but I imagine that when I'm used to that it will be more comfortable without them, wearing headphones and sleeping and such. Maybe I'll get my earlobes pierced and wear ordinary earrings for a bit. I really don't know.