November 19th, 2006

library - night

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Today I went over to the information desk and asked about the old catalog cards that they use as scrap paper. They produced a whole box of them, which I sorted through looking for interesting cards to photograph.

Turns out they're all cards from the medical libraries, which limits the subject matter somewhat. No nifty cards about library science or anything. An appalling number of ones about death, including "preparing children for death." The lack of a real centerpiece card makes me think that perhaps I should do a collage of the cards, and not take a macro of any one individual. In the end, I came up with a good thirty cards of interest, though. Highlights include:
  • The animal kingdom: the strange and wonderful ways of mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes and insects.
  • Xenopus: the South African clawed frog.
  • Negative outcome in psychotherapy and what to do about it.
  • A bibliography of Protozoa, sponges, Coelenterata, and worms.
  • Automatic writing.
  • The Biology of mistletoes. (This came closest to being a centerpiece card; I could use it for December.)
  • The careful writer; a modern guide to English usage.
  • The wheat rusts: breeding for resistance.
  • Starfish, jellyfish and the order of life.
  • The pathology of thinking.
  • Guide to the anatomy of the shark, necturus, and the cat.
  • Algae, man, and the environment.
  • Field guide to the study of human reproduction. (OK, I'll probably leave that one out.)
  • Index to illustrations of the natural world: where to find pictures of the living things of North America.
  • The lives of desert animals in Joshua Tree National Monument.
  • Chronicles from Aldgate; life and death in Shakespeare's London.
  • Primitive drinking; a study of the uses and functions of alcohol in preliterate societies.
  • Promethean fire: reflections on the origin of mind.