December 14th, 2006

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I've had a sore throat, on and off, for the last two weeks now. I'm sick of it. I suspect(ed) that it's from my asthma medication, because I've had periods of sore-throat-without-illness more than once in the past few years. I have no fever, my throat looks fine, and I'm cranky as hell because there is nothing I hate more than a sore throat. Drinking water helps a little (when I've got a real sore throat, drinking makes it hurt more). I experimentally stopped taking my Advair (don't try this at home, kids, but my asthma is really quite mild and I've lived without preventative inhalers before). My throat got better... for a while. Today it's as annoying as ever, and I don't think I've taken any Advair at all this week.

If it persists, I suppose I'll see my doctor, but I don't know what he can say. I have considered asking him to take moe off Advair and instead prescribe its component ingredients separately (Serevent and Flovent, in this case, or possibly a different inhaled steroid). That would allow me to adjust the steroid dose more easily, and I could use a spacer, which would reduce any throat irritation. If that's what the problem is at all, of course.

I leave you with a bathroom-stall meditation about buffalo, the ozone layer, the proper spelling of "Antarctica," and a website whose URL I cannot read. Honestly, who writes on a stall wall with yellow ink?!