December 29th, 2006

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My mom gave us a lot of fluffy towels for Christmas. Fluffy towels with little stripes. I like them. (There was, however, enough lint in the dryer trap to knit a new towel after I finished washing them for the first time.)

Ken's put together a jigsaw puzzle and finished playing one of his video games (so now he's started it a second time). I've thrown away 6GB of music and crap that I don't need, so my hard drive doesn't explode. I don't feel like listening to music, but I keep petting my new iPod. Our exciting adventure for the day was lunch at IHOP. I might watch some more Doctor Who; curiosity provoked me to download another Seventh Doctor episode. I've heard it's not fair to judge Sylvester McCoy purely on the wretched "Time and the Rani," which is all I've actually seen -- it came on PBS unexpectedly one Sunday morning while I was in high school. I wasn't even aware the show was still in production, and I was utterly horrified. The whiny synthesized theme, the horrible effects, the atrocious acting. Mel. (I've never actually seen any Sixth Doctor either, so I wasn't prepared for her). Being slightly faint of heart, I decided to start with the story that introduces Ace and possibly keep going for a while. I should be able to handle that, right? Right? The odd thing is that I'm somewhat biased toward liking the Seventh Doctor, based on the books that followed the series' demise.

Query: OS X has a zipping function built in, but it doesn't, uh, make the files any smaller. Am I missing something?