February 28th, 2007

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Thank you for the lovely waffles, trista and kimatha!

I am feeling better today, by which I mean I am wheezing and stuffy-nosed and exhausted and my cheekbones ache and every time I cough (which is every few seconds) I think my head is going to explode. But my throat feels better, and when my throat doesn't hurt I can tolerate just about anything else. I even showered. In the morning! Not to be too ambitious, but... I think I'm going to get the mail in today.

Yesterday, I watched the second half of the first season of the new Doctor Who (I am not a big enough geek to call it season 27, but I am a big enough geek that I didn't have to look up the '27' reference. In the end, I think it's a wash). I started at the bit where it gets good and watched through the bits where it keeps being good, and damn, it's good. (Yes, that's about how articulate I am this week.) For my next trick, I will go on about how "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances" totally deserved the Hugo even though I secretly want to have Paul Cornell ("Father's Day")'s Internet babies. (As for "Dalek"? I like the central concept, and Christopher Eccleston really is rather intense, isn't he, and it's absolutely necessary to the progression of the series, but my god the execution. They drive their sledgehammers home with more sledgehammers, and the whole pretense of being in Utah is mind-meltingly embarrassing. "See! The whole series isn't set in London! We once shot one in a warehouse and had everyone put on really bad accents!" I like my angst, and the Dalek is just beautiful, but I've never made it through this episode without being embarrassed on its behalf. On the other hand, this is the episode that made me say, "Huh, maybe there's something to this show" -- better a swing and a miss than lying around making fart jokes, after all. If they'd just squished half their text into subtext, it would have been wonderful.)

Right, I think I just spent half a paragraph on one of the few episodes I didn't watch this week. And I said "subext." I need to go take my cold medicine now.