March 25th, 2007

hummingbird - distant

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Plants (mostly) planted, house (mostly) clean. I could get used to this. I may never be able to keep up with dusting, but sweeping the back patio doesn't need to be a semiannual event. As much as I loathe things like FlyLady, the concept of doing small tasks on a regular basis is valid.

Already done: linaria, nasturtiums, Dahlberg daisies, lobelia, ladybug riding a bicycle.

We'll call this photo "optimism."

Still to go: some marigolds, more daisies, and those things that do really well but whose name I cannot remember for more than five minutes.

I love gardening, getting all grubby in the dirt and rinsing my hands with the hose, the water still warm from the sun. I wish I had a real flowerbed and not just little containers, but it's better than nothing. Beats the hell out of an apartment, that's for sure.