May 25th, 2007


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42 was sort of strange for me. I was trying to keep my expectations low (Chibnall!), but after The Lazarus Experiment it looked like things were picking up on the Doctor/Martha bonding front as well as the Plot Arc. I couldn't help being a little excited. And the previews looked good. And we had to wait two weeks for it, which can make me anticipate any old crap as long as I can have an episode now please.

(And may I say, I'm very pleased with the handling of the Plot Arc this season. Dear S1 and S2: shoehorning a particular word into every episode is not an arc. Dropping hints throughout the season that something sinister is closing in while gradually ratcheting up the menace, that's an arc. We have an arc! It was not gratuitously mentioned in irrelevant episodes just for the tickybox value!)

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