August 26th, 2007

swimming devil duckie

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Benny is still the sweetest, most docile hamster in the universe. Well, yes, he took an impressive chunk out of the vet a couple of weeks ago, but the vet was holding him upside down and attempting to listen to his heart with an enormous and no doubt cold stethoscope. You'd have bitten him too. (The vet said he had not been bitten that badly by a critter in years. There was blood everywhere. To his credit, the vet did not drop Benny, nor detach him in a less than gentle manner. He had to leave to clean himself up, and he came back with a huge glove on... but eyed Benny again and took it off. Honestly, Benny's just too bitty to effectively handle through a gauntlet. He did not bite again.) Anyway, the diagnosis was something like Cushing's disease, which can't really be treated effectively in hamsters, but there was the possibility of a secondary infestation of mites that could be causing, or worsening, the baldness. A skin scraping did not confirm mites, but the vet said it would be reasonable to medicate him anyway, and see if it helped. It hasn't -- if anything, he's getting balder. Honestly, much longer and we're gonna be looking at this. Or maybe this.

At any rate, after one miserable attempt to medicate Benny by force (with me and Ken both trying to hold on to him), I realized that he will actually just sit there and permit you to squirt medication into his mouth. He laps it up. Sweet, docile, etc. Just don't piss him off.

Afterward, I was thinking about how humid it was, and admiring the nearly-full moon, and listening to the crickets, and I suddenly really wanted to go swimming. Luckily, the complex pool is directly across the street, but it closes at 10:00. (Not that they come by and lock the gate or anything -- but Ken and I did get told to leave once when we were in it twenty minutes past closing, having lost track of time.) I checked the clock and it was... 9:55. That's where the across-the-street part came in handy; I was in the pool less than a minute later. And the clock inside the pool area was five minutes slow. I was just going to go across the pool and back, but that turned into across again, and back again, and... well, you can actually get quite a bit of swimming into nearly ten minutes. It was lovely.