September 19th, 2007

rat on computer - 2

A Picture A Day(ish) 2007

Last year, a few of us did a picture-a-day project for November. The idea was to have something to occupy us while the rest of our friends spent the month in silent observance of NaNoWriMo. oceanstorme suggests moving it up to October this year, and I concur; November's busy with holiday stuff and October may provide more fun photographic subjects.

As with last year, the 'rules' are simply that you state an intent to take a picture more or less every day for the month, and post them in your journal. You can take them during the week and post them all on the weekend if you want. You can skip days without guilt: after all, we did say "ish." I think I managed, er, eighteen or nineteen days last November. I haven't been getting the camera out very often lately (San Francisco notwithstanding), so I think this might help me stretch a bit.